How to Listen, Learn and Lead 10-06-16


Seminar Presented to:
LSU Ag-Leadership Program

Half-day Seminar/Workshop
LSU AG Center | Baton Rouge, LA
Contact: Bobby Soileau, Ph.D., Program Director

Quality and quantity of info:
4.79 out of 5 = 95.8%

Manner in which presented:
4.84 out of 5 = 96.8%

Relevance of subject:
4.89 out of 5 = 97.9%

Degree expectations were met:
4.79 out of 5 = 95.8%

By way of evaluation, participants were encouraged to finish the following open-ended sentence : “I would say this program . . .” (All responses have been included.)

“. . . ignited a fire within me to change and become a better leader!” “. . . has changed my definition of courage forever. I now know it’s actually possible to be more courageous every day.” “. . . was an inspiration to all of the things I have tried to cover up over time in question if I should use it.” “. . . brought a great amount of needed advice to myself.” “. . . is eye-opening.” “. . . was great! Great stories & ability to keep everyone engaged.” “. . . reiterates much of waht has been going on with me in my reading & business planning.” “. . . has taught me how to think about and discover the problems that hold me back and how to overcome them.” “. . . was an eye-opener.” “. . . Excellent. Enjoyed the talks of courage the most.” “. . . was great because of the many different ways material was taught. Stories, book, videos.” “. . . was very enjoyable.”

Training aspects you felt were most helpful:

> Looking at myself from other people’s views > Passion in which it was delivered > The ways to improve my listening > How to better listen and pay attention when someone is talking > The workbook with references. Thanks! The various teaching styles. > The listening exercises > Group conversations > All of it! The illustrations… > All of it – especially the listening part. > group exercises > Learning to communicate effectively > listening > To find time to put in myself > Learning the technique of remembering people’s names. > Self Evaluation > Listening and Goal setting > Self evaluation & feedback from others

Training aspects you felt were least helpful:

> I did not find any parts unuseful. It was a great learning experience >There was a lot going on. Many directions > facial expression exercise > all was great > none > age pics… but that was minor compared to the message > the toe stubbers . > N/A > None > Thank you!